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Easter Bonnet Parade

On the afternoon of Wednesday 29th March, children at Holy Trinity proudly paraded around the playground, showing off their amazing Easter Bonnets. There were some wonderful creations including a pointy carrot bonnet, a space themed bonnet with it’s own space chickens and some fantastic traditional bonnets which also depicted the story of Easter from the Bible. Parents watched as the children danced and walked around. There were prizes for a winner, two runners up and a prize for the best dancing! Thank you to all the children and parents for all their hard work. 


 Illustrator Visit

On Wednesday 29th March, Erika Meza – a children’s illustrator came to visit the children. Our topic this term is ‘Once Upon a Time’ so to have a ‘real life’ illustrator visit, really enhanced our learning. She started off with doing some live drawings whilst telling a story at the same time. This then inspired the children to draw their own pictures based on a boy and his pet Bear!

Erika showed us a set of children’s books that she has illustrated. They are based around two children called Carmen and Carlos. They live in the USA but have Mexican parents. The books therefore have lots of Spanish in them and tell some lovely stories which the children can relate really well to. Erika told us some exciting news about a story that she has recently illustrated by none other than Julia Donaldson!


Bear Hunt Music Workshop

Sarah plays the cello and also teaches others how to play. She showed us how to make loud sounds and quiet sounds, a high pitched sound and a low pitched sound and how to play chords on her cello which is 130 years old. She can make sounds like a racing car, a fog horn, a train as well as playing tunes such as ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen and the Batman theme tune!

Sarah explained how sound is made from vibrations and how bigger instruments make lower pitched sounds and smaller instruments make higher pitched sounds.

Sarah brought in lots of different tuned and untuned instruments for us to try. We learnt how we can make sounds by banging, shaking or blowing. She challenged us to sort the instruments into groups of tuned and untuned instruments.

We put together a performance of ’We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ which used lots of musical skills and performed it to the children in Foundation.

Circus Skills Workshop with Alex from Circusology

Last week we were lucky to be visited by Alex from the very popular Circusology Complany. Alex taught the children (and the adults) lots of circus acts.

We all learnt to balance a Peacock feather on the palm of our hands, spin plates, juggle, pedal ride an lots of other activities.

The children were amazed by Alex’s talent and they made us proud with how quickly they picked up the techniques.

World Book Day

We had some fantastic characters and costumes ranging from Mr Twit – Cinderella – Little Red Riding Hood – Supertato – Mike TV and many more!

IMG_0725   IMG_0735